Old Fashioned Christmas

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We always listen to our parents and grandparents talk about how much fun they had back when they were little. Talking about spending Christmas with the family and close friends without any today’s worries and technology.

If you’re looking to slow down, get away from distractions and focus on family, an old-fashioned Christmas is for you.

Here are some activities to do:

Preparing Desserts Together
You can check family recipes such as pies, cookies or brownies and cook it with your grandparents or with the children. Cooking is always a right way of bonding with the family no matter what age they are.

DIY Gifts

You can make your own gifts. This activity lets you explore your creativity using materials you already have in your home. Then you can do a Secret Santa with your family on Christmas.

Mail Holiday Cards
Writing holiday cards for family and friends wishing them happy holidays and new year blessings.

Sharing Memories
Everyone can join on the living room near the Christmas tree and talk about past Christmas memories and drink hot chocolate.

Give Back to Others
What a great thing to do as a family! Each member can select the what they want to give. It can be clothes, toys or food. You can choose to help homeless people, a shelter, church or give it to charity.


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